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Personal information policy

We will not disclose and provide personal information to any third party unless there is a legitimate reason fulfilling its obligations or exercising its authority under the law.

The following is an explanation of the handling of personal information obtained in connection with this inquiry. Please read and agree to this document before contacting us.

1. Purpose of use of personal information
  We will use the personal information provided on the application form when submitted at the inquiry only for the following purposes.
  ①Contact with customers

2. Provision of personal information to a third party
  We do not provide any personal information to third parties that you provide when you make an inquiry.

3. Voluntariness of information provision
  The provision of personal information is voluntary. However if you do not provide us with your information, we may not be able to perform the necessary procedures (e.g., if you do not provide us with your contact information, we may not be able to respond).

4. Measures to protect personal information
  ①We will take strict security measures for the personal information we hold.
②We shall appoint a manager to protect personal information and he or she supervise it.
③We will periodically educate our employees about the protection of personal information.

5. Consignment of personal information
  We do not outsource your personal information such as for data processing or other purposes.

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