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Greeting from president

We changed our company's name from Chunichi Cleaner Industry Co., Ltd the occasion of 40th anniversary of us in 1998.
Then we introduced CI to strengthen and improve our corporate structure.
Our service has also changed not only cleaning to comprehensive maintenance service(includes cleaning), especially we have improved renovation working for pipe following social needs.
In addition we grew our business lineup mainly management of canteen includes cooking service.
We are still developing services with these 3 strong pillars.
And at 2018, we were able to celebrate our 60th anniversary.
The foundation of us is "people", No business without people.
All employees try to change and challenge something for better tomorrow.
We aim to establish a corporate culture to feel the progress even if it's not a big step forward, one step at a time or one year at a time like a tree's annual circle.
I would like to continue to be a group who work together with the pride of "protecting society and life" in mind, and never stop smiling and greeting.
We will adapt to social changes, exceed customer expectations and persist for the world and people with the spirit of "Collaboration and Progress" as our company's motto.
We will continue to grow with the aim of becoming a 100-year old company so that we can become a company that can be a leader in the industry.

We are aiming to be a leading company
with high quality and environmental management.


Philosophy Collaboration and Progress
Name Chunichi Copro Corporation
Established Since May 1958
Head Office ZIP:464-0851

26-4, Imaike Minami, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi
TEL (+81)52 733 8131
FAX (+81)52 732 2264

President Masashi Honda
Capital 66 million yen
Service General maintenance of buildings, factories etc.
Construction services for pipe renovation etc.
Management of canteen and other service operation
Office and Branch Tokyo, Toyota-shi, Tokai-shi
Sales office Narumi-ku, Gifu-shi, Toyohashi-shi
Number of employees 650
Main bank Mitsui Sumitomo bank, MUFG Bank, Risona bank, Mie Bank, Chukyo Bank, Nagoya Bank
Main Customers Toyota Motor Corporation

Accreditation for quality management


Cleaning management, facilities management and construction management

(Quality Policy)
1. Promotion of value-added management through collective efforts
2. Pursuit of customer satisfaction through high quality service
3. Continuous improvement of environmental conservation
4. Strengthening of the corporate structure through rationalization and efficiency

(Registered office)
Head Office, Oguchi center, Nissin training center, Narumi sales office

Accreditation for environmental management

ISO 14001

Office work related to the building maintenance, construction industry and water quality inspection

We consider global environmental issues to be an eternal challenge for humanity, and will make proactive efforts to reduce the environmental burden and realize environmental conservation through all internal and external activities based on this common awareness.

(Basic Policy)

(1) We will proactively develop environmental conservation initiatives for society through comprehensive maintenance services.

(2) To reduce environmental impact, set environmental objectives and targets, and all of us will work together to achieve them.

(3) We will constantly check the impact on the environment that occurs in all of our internal activities, work to save resources and energy, reduce waste, promote recycling and strive to continuously improve pollution prevention.

(4) Comply with legal requirements regarding the environment and any other agreements to which the Company agrees.

(5) This policy shall be made known to all staff and made available to the public.

(Registered office)
head office