Maintanance service

We can provide you efficient service of maintenance and management. Ex.) Cleaning, green space management, facility management such as electric supply and air conditioning, hygiene management such as water and air quality inspection

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Manegement service

We can provide you scrupulous management for restaurant, rounge and hotel.

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Construction service

We are specialist of renovation for water supply and drainage pipe. We support the foundation of people's lives and prosperous future for cities with our weith of construction know-how.

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"COPRO" is coined word from Collaboration and Progress.
It expresses our firm stance of going forward to the future with the earth and customers, aiming for better urban environment.

We have been providing cleaning and maintenance service over 60 years and we have been getting any know-how that can respond to your requests. In fact we have accreditations as following, *ISO9001(quality management) got in 1999 *ISO14001(enviromental management) got in 2004

  • Maintenance service
  • Manegement service
  • Construction service

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