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Construction service

Construction service

Renovation construction has been growing rather than new construction in recent years against the backdrop of a highly developed social situation.
We has cultivated great deal of construction know-how mainly regeneration of water supply and drainage pipes which are foundation of our lives.
Using this experience, we will continue to improve our technology and promote the development of new technologies to support future for the city.

● Service list

Pipe and drainage conversion works

Insituform method
The global standard method with the world's most extensive track record and history.
All-liner method
This is a span regeneration method that rehabilitates aging buried pipes without excavation.
EX method
This is a technique for the regeneration and repair of mains and mounting pipes.
Danby method
This environmentally friendly method quickly revives medium- and large-diameter culverts without excavating them.
3S segment method
It is possible to visually check the filling condition of the filling material.

Culvert repair work

FRP inner surface repair method
The repair work can be carried out efficiently from the nearest manhole.
CPR method
Chunichi Copro's unique technology was conceived to rehabilitate vertical tubes.

Retrofitting of existing manholes for earthquake resistance

Existing manhole earthquake-proofing method (Gari Gari-kun)
The connection between an existing manhole and a pipe is made earthquake-resistant by not excavating the pipe.
quake-resistant first strike
Seismic Retrofit Method for Reorganization Pipe and Manhole Connections
flowless method
It suppresses the uplift of existing manholes due to liquefaction by not excavating them.

Water and sewage installation work

Water supply and sewerage
Water and civil engineering professionals who protect safe and clean living.

Maintenance of water and sewage drainage facilities

waterway dredging
It responds to the desire for the city to be beautiful and clean at all times.
Sewage pipe cleaning work
We are committed to maintaining clean public facilities.
Sewer Pipe Survey
We use TV cameras to survey sewage pipes and mounting pipes.

Corrosion prevention and reinforcement work

Crystal lining method
A dilapidated structure is reborn.