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Reconstruction & Repair for canal and culvert

Insituform construction

Global standard method most extensive and historical

The INS method reverses and inserts a thermosetting resin-impregnated liner into an aging buried pipe by water head pressure, heats the water in the pipe and crimp-hardens the liner back into the pipe to create a completely new pipe in the existing one.

Insituform construction
  • It is possible to improve the strength of the pipe without limiting the type or degrees of deterioration.
  • It can provides a short construction period and minimizes the impact such as noise and dust on the neighborhood by using the non-cutting method.
  • It can be used to renovate a wide range of pipe diameters from 100mm to 3000mm in diameter.
  • It provides improvement of durability and prevention for rust with stable quality.
1. Overburdened and sewer pipe in urban area
2. Water pipes for agriculture and factory
Inverted insertion Liner back inversion in pipeline


1. Cleaning in the
2. Deliver and set the
3. Insertion and invertion
(Supply water)
4. Curing by heating
5. Cutting the liner and
perforating the mounting pipe

By Incite form method catalog issued from Japan Incitute Form Association