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Reconstruction & Repair for canal and culvert

3S segment method See-through pipe method

Be more strength like new pipe!
It is possible to visually check the injection status of filling material.

It construct a composite pipe that integrates the 3S segment material, 3S filler and the existing pipe in consideration of the shape of the aged sewer pipe.
We carry transparent and lightweight plastic segment material by hand to inside existing pipe, after assembled with bolts and nuts, inject a 3S filler into the gap between an existing pipe and segment material.

3S segment method
  • Easy to prepare for construction
       No need for large or special machinery.
       Segments and tools can be brought from entrance of manhole.
  • Reliable construction
      By using the transparent segment, it is possible to visually check the injection
      status of the filling.
      Being more strength like new pipe can be secured.
  • Great flexibility in construction
      Curved construction is possible.
      Can be installed in two directions at the same time.
      Segment resin materials can be selected according to the application.
  • No impact of working on existing pipe
      Can be installed remain water flowing.
      It is possible to split working after a temporary pause.
      Partial renovation is possible.

By 3S segment method catalog issued from 3SICP Technical Association