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Facility management

Our systematic maintenance and inspection for the equipment function will provide you comfortable time.

Facilitiy managers must get a national qualification because they are required knowledge and many skills.
Our qualified specialists provide maintenance service for any facilities in building, school and factory with 24-hour support.

*Electricity *Air conditioning *Water supply and drainage
*Firefighting *Septic tank *Lifters and elevators

Facility management

Facilities Management Department

1. Both comprehensive and partial management are OK, we respond to your needs
Not only management we can also provide regular patrol service.

2. Supporting any trouble
We can support any trouble immediately by cooperating with other departments such as missing parts and pollution.
Environmental health work follow with building management law
*Cleaning of water tanks (including water quality testing)
*Cleaning of sewage and other tanks
*Inspection and maintenance of air conditioning equipment
*Pest control

Building survey/building equipment inspection
*Cleaning of exhaust ducts and hood filters in kitchen
*Cleaning of grease pit and grease filter
*Cleaning of drain pipe
*Measuring noise and vibration